Getting started with MVC

ASP.NET MVC is a technology which uses MVC architectural pattern to make websites and web apps. It provides the developer an environment where his code is not going to messed up as it gives the best separation of concern. Moreover, a developer can think in terms of actions instead of pages as its way of doing things, is an action first, instead of Page first unlike webforms. In this tutorial we will learn all important concepts of MVC in great detail, each topic will be discussed with examples, after going through each article of this section you will be in a position of developing a web application using Asp.Net MVC easily.

MVC actually stands for Model, View, and Controller, where model holds the business Entities, View acts as the presentation layer and controller acts as the coordinator between Model and View. The request always comes to the Controller and then the appropriate view is served.

Nowadays, almost all enterprise applications are built with MVC and not webform, in any interview, you will be asked more questions related to MVC only. If you want to be a .NET web developer, then apart from OOPs concepts, you should know how to work with MVC.

I have seen many companies still use webforms but this is because converting the webform application into MVC is a pain , but yet they try to convert their all old projects written in webforms to MVC , now the companies are switching to .Net Core but still MVC is their first choice.

Welcome to the journey of becoming MVC expert,if you are a beginner and really want to be a professional, then follow the below steps:-

  • Go through each article one by one without skipping any of them.
  • Try to implement and practice what you have learnt in the article by yourself.
  • Use your imagination and thinking power and ask these questions to yourself:-
    • Why did i read this article?
    • What i learned after reading this article?
    • Should i open visual studio and try to implement something?
    • Am i getting errors?ok ,which type of error
      • Is it compilation error?
      • Is it Run time error?
      • Can i solve this myself?
      • Can my friends solve this problem?
      • Should i ask this question on Stackoverflow?