EF is an ORM tool which helps to design your persistance layer quickly.Now you can ask but why ? we already had ado.net and it was doing well,but wait and think wouldn't it be great if you can think and treat your database in terms of classes and object.where your table is a class it's columns are properties and each row is an object ,now as a developer you can play with it.That is the role of any ORM and Entity framework is just an ORM that's it.

Welcome to the journey of becoming EntityFramework expert,if you are a beginner and really want to be a professional, then follow the below steps:-

  • Go through each article one by one without skipping any of them.
  • Try to implement and practice what you have learnt in the article by yourself.
  • Use your imagination and thinking power and ask these questions to yourself:-
    • Why did i read this article?
    • What i learned after reading this article?
    • Should i open visual studio and try to implement something?
    • Am i getting errors?ok ,which type of error
      • Is it compilation error?
      • Is it Run time error?
      • Can i solve this myself?
      • Can my friends solve this problem?
      • Should i ask this question on Stackoverflow?